Sunday, October 7, 2012

MyPlanPHX Idea Submission

Hi All,

Been a while and I've missed this blog. Looking forward to becoming reacquainted with it again, as there's lots to share. First and most importantly, how about this cool new website from the city of Phoenix, which I've been using to submit ideas as have a couple other active residents from our area. More details below.


Data on MyPlanPHX
As you can see from these charts, the top ten users have submitted over half of all ideas on the MyPlanPHX page and are generating more than two-thirds of the discussion. Not sure about you, but I'd say this calls for a little more input for a city our size. I'd also argue that perhaps there's an opportunity for more Laveen and south Phoenix residents to jump in and have our voices heard. Just a thought, but certainly worthy of your consideration. Here's my profile (Patrick B4) in case you want to see my ideas. Just know that there's a catch -- you've got to sign up before scoping out users' profiles.

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HAWK Lights for Improved Walkability and Biking

If I'm missing any others, please share in the comments section below. Let's start discussing how we want to improve our city.

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