Friday, June 12, 2009

Loop 202 Moving Forward!!!

At least one traffic jam has been eliminated in the Loop 202 South Mountain Corridor's approval process. As of June 10th, Phoenix's Street Transportation Department has gone on record to say:

The Street Transportation Department recommends MAG and ADOT expedite the planning process for the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway from the I-10 at 59th Avenue to approximately the Estrella Drive alignment in Phoenix.

Rumor has it that Councilman Nowakowski and others will champion this at the next City Council meeting, so that it is passed along as a directive to MAG and ADOT to commence work on this vital project.

I must applaud the wise words of Wylie Bearup, Interim Director of the Street Transportation Department, for pointing out:

The Street Transportation Department continues to push for the construction of the north-south portion of the freeway. The southwestern area of the City was developing rapidly prior to the most recent economic downturn. The City has planned the street network in the area based on an assumption of a freeway to carry significant north/south traffic. The freeway also provides a much needed additional crossing of the Salt River. Since there is wide-spread agreement on the alignment for this section, the department would prefer that construction begin soon to take advantage of the current market conditions.

That's us, by the way.... the rapidly growing part of southwestern Phoenix. If the people just over the mountain from us realize what a new freeway can bring them, in terms of services to their community (like a hospital, for instance), then perhaps that portion of the freeway will hurry along in step with this one. Now is definitely the time to make this happen.


PTB said...

By the way, if it wasn't already obvious, now would be a great time to make some noise about this topic. We have strong allies in the City of Phoenix's leadership, so we just need to remind our mayor to hear them out. As soon as this goes to MAG and ADOT, the ball will be completely in their court. It's a long process, but at least it's happening.

Red Rain Photography said...

Great stuff! Thanks Patrick! You might want to blog about exactly what it means to "make some noise." What exactly can we, as citizens, do? What actionable steps can we take to help? Phone calls? Going to council meetings and speaking? Going to MAG meetings? ADOT meetings? If so, what are the dates of those events?

Thanks again!

PTB said...

I'll see if I can find out anything. But for now I can say that Councilman Nowakowski has remained favorable toward the new freeway, so let's not bother him or his staff too much at this point. If we can get our residents to the city council meeting at which this is discussed, then I think we're in good shape. After that, we'll simply need to follow this issue through the process at MAG and ADOT. I'll try to get the information together for people to seek the appropriate outlets.

Unknown said...

Great job on this Patrick and for your efforts in keeping the community posted. I've filled out numerous petitions I've seen floating around. Is there anything else we should be doing at this point to make some noise?