Sunday, May 31, 2009

Local Laveen Summit Update

Sorry I've been away from this blog for the last three weeks. During that time, I've taken three trips out of town, received an industry certification (crammed/took test during the days after our Summit), taken care of a minor baby surgery, and had some major housework to do. But enough excuses.

Our Local Laveen Summit was a huge hit. After what I can only describe as a brilliantly pleasing but tiring collaborative effort, we were rewarded with great attendance and an enthralling panel discussion. The temperature was far above what I thought it would be in the "shaded" (ya, right) outdoor space we used, and yet we had about 70 people show up to listen and express their thoughts about our community. So aside from my poor planning of the space requirements, everything went well. *and yes, we will plan differently next time....

Thanks to Krag Klages, our incoming LCC president, I even have some notes to share:

*Business Growth/Development

Keeping Laveen prosperous and growing
Medical facility/hospital is top priority
Roller rink, Bowling alley, Youth center(s) are being considered
LA Fitness at 51st Ave. and Baseline is very close, but negotiations still ongoing – stay tuned

Get groups working together – mentoring new business owners, creating partnerships to drive new business together
Increase businesses in Laveen
Future small business workshops planned
Residents have “the power to invite people”
Word-of-mouth and referrals is best way in this kind of economy
Call Mike Moreines directly if you have any ideas for new businesses (Terrazona Properties)
Grassroots business growth

Keeping Laveen “rural” is still a high priority, even with growth

*Traffic Growth/Development

202 Freeway/Parkway Project
Environmental Impact Statement has yet to be done – 8 years going
Should be a meeting in next 2 months to decide direction of project
They are facing $1 billion deficit
Definitely TOP priority and biggest project going on in Laveen
People of Laveen need to band together – Fight to make this happen!

Other projects
Hold up on street work due to three things:
lack of funds
county islands
US canals – somewhat unique to cities like Laveen – a lot of red tape
Bridge to new police precinct at 91st Ave. not happening until freeway decisions finalized

*Community Issues and Events

First and foremost, making this Summit a quarterly meeting is a priority
58th Laveen BBQ is on as scheduled – as is Turkey Trot, Easter Egg hunt, etc.
Bike Busters and blighted areas
Citizens are being trained in 4-day programs to issue citations as they see fit
A kind of “Blight Task Force”
Citizens need to “take back their neighborhood”

Schools being built/School renovations
Two Laveen schools built first
Then renovations will be done
These are scheduled as planned

Keeping kids in Laveen busy/Getting kids involved
Youth centers are a high priority for the city and are aggressively being looked into
Parents, get your kids to VOLUNTEER – this is best-case scenario
kids are busy and community is helped
Call Mike Moreines – he can try and find jobs for high schoolers w/ his retail tenants

That's about all I've got, although I can't possibly say thank you enough to our panelists (see previous post) and all those who helped make this happen. We couldn't have done it without the backing of Councilman Nowakowski's office, Terrazona Properties, and all those who donated goods/services. They are Damian Rufus (DJ), for his sound system; Ace Hardware for the space and tables/chairs; Safeway and Fry's for food; Starbucks for coffee; and Corona Ranch for table linens. Also, I want to thank Randy Schiller for being our MC/host, Debbie Zapatka for her design skills, and Janet Gidney for helping run the event. (And then there's always Randy Jones, Claudine Reifschneider, and my lovely wife Catherine, who were my primary sounding board).

Friday, May 8, 2009

One more thing....

Here's my shout out to Laveen MOMS. You guys (gals?) rock! I hope that plenty of you come out to the Local Laveen Summit tomorrow morning (see below). For the kiddos, you'll be happy to know that Terrazona Properties is hosting a carnival right across the street. Plus, your gearhead husbands can wander across the parking lot to the classic car show, and then stick around for an olympic-style boxing event. Fun times, indeed!

Local Laveen Summit Is Tomorrow!!!

For those of you who follow all the happenings in our community, you should already know about this. We have a great event lined up tomorrow morning; and it's possible thanks to the collaboration of several wonderful people, including the Laveen Association of HOAs Retail Committee, the LCC, the SoMo-Laveen Chamber, Councilman Nowakowski's office, and of course Jenna Raskin-Moreines and her husband Michael, of Terrazona Properties. To steal Claudine's quote from the last LCC meeting, "You have to attend this event, or else you have no right to complain about what's going on around here."

It's been exhausting, but well worth it so far. If I didn't have the real life competition for using the phrase, I'd say this has been my baby for the last month or so (so in reality--I'm sure at the risk of offending someone--it's like I've had twins but only one real baby to show for it).

Now I'm just about able to proudly set this baby free...... Questions for panelists are done, all other arrangements have been made..... all that's left is the potential for putting out a couple of fires--fingers crossed that it won't be necessary...... But enough about that. Here's the email that just came out from the LCC (quite similar to the one I sent out earlier in the week, and the Chamber sent afterward):

Laveen Community Council May 7, 2009


May 9, 2009
10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Laveen Pavilions Center
NE Corner - 35th Ave. & Southern
FREE & Open to the Public
Laveen residents are invited to this event spotlighting the current economy and its effects on Laveen's retail and commercial development. Local leaders are taking a proactive stance to look at our community's market response and opportunities following recent trouble in the real estate and financial markets.
A panel of community leaders will answer questions and discuss local planning and transportation happenings and their potential impact on the Laveen area.
The moderator will be community leader Randy Schiller, and the panel includes the following:
  • Councilman Michael Nowakowski, City of Phoenix
  • Timothy Tait, Arizona Dept. of Transportation
  • Eric Anderson, Maricopa Assn. of Governments
  • Mike Moreines, Terrazona Properties
  • Jeffrey Garza Walker, SoMo Development
  • Steve Glueck, South Mountain/Laveen Chamber of Commerce
  • Stefany Scovell, Laveen Citizens for Responsible Development
  • Kimber Lanning, Local First Arizona

Interested community members are urged to attend and bring their questions for this expert panel. Panelists will make brief introductory statements and then entertain submitted questions.

This event is FREE, open to the public and brought to you by the Laveen Association of HOAs', with help from Councilman Michael Nowakowski and his staff, the Laveen Community Council, South Mountain/Laveen Chamber of Commerce and Terrazona Properties.
Coffee and light refreshments will be served.