Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To get a Trader Joe's.......

First, let me point out that my blog is green and my name is Patrick--all in anticipation of this day, March 17th. Happy "wear green and drink dyed Budweiser products" Day!

On now to business..... I just read an article on one of GlobeSt.com's blogs about a Florida man who undertook a petition process to bring a Trader Joe's to his town: http://globestcommercialgrove.wordpress.com/2009/03/16/courting-trader-joe%E2%80%99s/

I must say that I like it. This sort of direct guerrilla-style approach is vaguely reminiscent of our Chipotle email campaign (or Chipatopolis, as Catherine and I call it--no clue why), and frankly, the best way for community members to be heard by the large national chains. Many people don't realize it, but this is exactly how our retail committee can work with members of the Laveen Association of HOA's and its members. As ideas bubble up from the masses, we can vote on where to concentrate our efforts and then begin a focused campaign.

As you will see in my yet-to-be posted article about the Local Laveen event in May, I would prefer to focus on small mom n' pop businesses for now. But that doesn't mean we can afford to forget a proactive approach in guiding national retailers who will inevitably end up here as well. Even die-hard independent types, like myself, have a few standby options for groceries, department stores, or whatever the case may be. So we should make sure that they move here before their less desirable counterparts; and a petition campaign is a great way to do it.


ZeroInertia said...

I believe the 35th ave location would be perfect.

Lets start the petition now!

(Click) To Sign the petition to


Anita said...

My husband and I think this is really an awesome idea! We both (I think) signed the petition...at least I know I did. I have sent three or four emails to each of these stores individually over the past couple of months...Trader Joe's and Sprout's and Sunfowers...to the effect that I would like one (or all of them...what the heck...anything's possible) to consider opening a store in this area. Then I saw your email concerning a petition and eagerly signed it. I had also suggested to them that there were stores already here and ready to occupy. Go for it...We totally support you in this effort to get Trader Joe's down here. We need a store where we can buy good whole foods to what the larger chain stores are promoting...not to mention good vitamins.
I knew there had to be others in the area who felt the same as we do.

Unknown said...

Hi Patrick--
Here is a link for Trader Joe's "Location request" form on their website. Could you spread the word for our fellow Laveeners to fill this out (it only takes a second). I would LOVE a TJ's in Laveen.

Unknown said...

Here is the link to request a TJ's location: