Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Other Blog, and What to Expect Here in the Future....

Perhaps you're wondering why I haven't posted lately, especially given all the comment-worthy past activity and bold plans for the near future. Well, please rest assured that I've got some great news on the way (both personal and public, for that matter), and I will have an update soon.

For now, I've been shifting the focus back to my other much-neglected blog about western development and opinions on economic news. If you enjoy discussions about the big picture, and what it might mean to us in the near future, then I recommend that you check it out. Please just click or paste the following link into your browser: http://westerndevelopment.blogspot.com.

Monday, February 2, 2009

My last post

A couple of clarifications regarding my most recent rant:

1. I did not intend for my views about the current real estate market or our recent developments to be construed as anti-development. If you know me or have read past posts on this blog, then you will know that real estate development is my passion and I enjoy working with our local retail developers on behalf of LAHOA. I am rather opinionated about this subject, however, and I'm passionate about responsible and high-quality development (as with other businesses and general contributions to society).

While no one called me out on this, I picked up a little bit of a negative vibe as I re-read the post, in response to a friend's comment about something else. Remember, these entries are written hastily--usually during my work day--and quality is not guaranteed.

2. This is not a prelude to a bid for political office. As mentioned previously, a friend's comment made me want to re-read my post--he thought I was establishing myself as a candidate for office. But I love my current industry (hotel development) and hope that the market allows me to keep working productively in it. This blog is my hobby and my outlet to vent about my community involvement. In order to take on any formal leadership position in this community, I would have to cut down on my travel, start attending more of our community meetings, and become far more accountable for my ideas and suggestions than I am now. But alas, I lack the time and patience; and my pragmatic side still prioritizes a paycheck over civil servitude.