Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spring Training in Laveen

As many people are aware, our friends in Tucson currently face a dire situation with regard to Spring Training. The White Sox have finalized their escape from the market, and now the remaining two teams, the D-Backs and Rockies, have expressed an interest in seeking greener pastures as well. They can freely leave, as per their contracts, as long as Tucson does not remain home to at least three separate teams - and now there are two.

The bright side to this story is that the teams are not looking outside of Arizona. Furthermore, they are even considering Laveen (as well as Scottsdale, Gila River Indian Reservation, and Casa Grande, among others). And not only are these two remaining Tucson teams possibly slated to relocate here, we are also courting teams from Florida! After all, why scuffle for a piece of the pie, when we can make the whole thing bigger and earn our share.

According to unidentified sources, Scottsdale and Casa Grande's public bids for the Diamondbacks are not likely to be successful. There is nothing yet to report about the Rockies, except that Laveen/Phoenix representatives have already approached them. And then there are rumors about bringing in a team known for its home run hitters from an east coast borough - but I can't say at this time who it is.

In any case, the outlook is bright for our ability to bring in some springtime entertainment. On our side, we have the city of Phoenix, ADOT (remember that freeway?), plenty of influential developers, and a great geographic location. Let's go for the home run!

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