Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Courting Desirable Retailers for Laveen

I don't think I shared this on my blog, but LA Fitness has committed to moving in at the Southwest corner of 51st Avenue and Baseline. This, in my opinion, is a wonderful convenience since Catherine and I always use the one at the Biltmore or in Tempe.

And I'm not only excited about having a place to work out nearby, but also all of the other retailers that would move in next to a national gym. Think about how much better a Hi-Health or GNC would perform next to one. Or how about a healthy fast food restaurant.......

Well, along those lines, I've been following up on the rumors of a Chipotle near Safeway. After sending an initial inquiry, I was contacted by Chipotle's representative (with the good name Patrick), who assured me that his real estate people would consider the location even though they hadn't yet thought about it. Here is my most recent response:


Thank you for your reply. For reference, the Safeway center is this one; here's a pdf for the Target shopping center, still in planning stages; and here's the LA Fitness shopping center. The Safeway center opened last month, where one of the spaces looks just like a Chipotle, which is why people started talking about one being planned. Next up will be the LA Fitness shopping center, across the street, which should begin construction soon - LA Fitness has already begun publicizing the location. Next up is the Super Target, which I understand has yet to sign the lease, but the project is still underway in the future. Being more of a regional center, they are awaiting the final word about freeway funding (Loop 202 South Mountain).

As you can see, I'm a very involved resident. As such, I will happily provide you with more information about Laveen if you so desire. I also have a blog, highlighting recent activities in the community. Please let me know if you need anything else - it would be great to have a Chipotle around the corner.


Patrick Brennan

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