Sunday, September 14, 2008

Performing Schools in Laveen

As Catherine and I prepare for parenthood next Spring, we've had many debates about public vs. private school, and more importantly the quality of the schools in our present neighborhood. When I searched the performance records not long ago, it didn't look great, although they were improving..... (See ratings here:

This morning, as we were taking the dog into Petco to be washed and de-furred, I ran into one of our neighbors who is also a community leader. She recalled that I raised this concern at a district funding-related meeting (please fund!!!), and informed me that our schools are all performing and beginning to achieve the high-performance mark.

This news is highly encouraging, as it indicates a positive trend, despite the fact that we've seen what can happen with growing pains and inadequate funding in the last couple years. This Fall, we will vote 'yes' for a bond issue and 'no' against the state redistricting measure, and should see significantly better improvement. The outlook is finally positive, and I hope it stays that way.

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