Monday, April 21, 2008

Rogers Ranch Elementary School

I couldn't locate the news story, but I recently learned that a new elementary school is planned for our neighborhood.  This should be a good thing for our community and home values, although it appears that the Laveen district needs to work on its overall performance before I begin jumping for joy.

Here are a few direct benefits:

1. Parents of young children will be closer to the school, and we will have more public open space in our neighborhood (seems obvious enough).

2. The previous benefit means that perhaps the vacant and yet-to-be-built homes in adjacent subdivisions might be completed and occupied faster.

3.  Schools typically mean strict enforcement of anti-drug laws nearby, and we will see more activity in the daytime hours that so many criminals are able to commit burglaries.

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Mary said...

Vista Del Sur, a school in the Laveen district, has actually been ranked the #1 elementary school in Arizona by the Department of Education this year!