Monday, April 21, 2008

Laveen Hospital/Medical Center?

Yes, that's right....  Laveen may get exactly what it needs in the near future - a new hospital.  You can read the article here.

Now we're talking about a great economic growth generator that actually makes sense for our area (as much as the continued growth of retail/residential development).  And it makes intuitive sense from a quick look at a map of the Phoenix area (or if you need more substantiated proof, look here under "South Mountain HPSA").

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~~Stefany~~ said...

A hospital in the Laveen area, one that would be able to treat traumas as well as a sprain, is much needed.

If you have to be treated now, you must travel to either Tempe, Mesa, or Phoenix to get medical attention. In this area, it is impossible, with all the road construction for an ambulance to traverse, let alone a panic stricken parent.

I truly welcome a new hospital, though I truly hope that none of us should ever need its services.