Thursday, April 24, 2008

LAHOA - Laveen Association of HOAs

What an encouraging sign that our community has unified to create yet another glimmering beacon of hope and promise!

Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the Laveen Association of HOAs - a new community group that will provide a public forum for our grass roots community leaders.  It will be comprised of representatives from each and every subdivision within Laveen, including representation from block watch groups and neighborhood associations.

The subcommittees will include Government Relations (a committee dedicated to each level of local and state government, as well as liaisons to the other Laveen community associations); Marketing/Communications (for PR and other imaging campaigns); Fundraising (to provide for operating expenses above the $100 annual dues provided by member HOAs); Membership/Recruitment; Block Watch; School Involvement; Residential Real Estate (to address unscrupulous Realtors trying to damage our reputation); Police Relations; HOA Parks (to address best practices in crime prevention for these areas); Mentoring (for new HOAs and Block Watches); and last but not least, Retail Relations (i.e. Economic Development).

I will be very active on the Retail Relations Committee, as well as contributing to the Block Watch Committee, since these are the areas most related to my personal interests and skill sets.  Also at tonight's meeting, several other people elected to lead committees, which was even more encouraging.

As the group moves forward in recruiting new members, it will be able to sell more than its energy and direction.  This group will provide an excellent opportunity for networking, better representation for community members, streamlined communication within Laveen, and increased visibility for our community as a whole.

I am pumped!


BVHOAmember said...

We're just down the street on the Bougainvillea golf course. Great Blog! I was at the LAHOA meeting as well. We're trying to get our HOA to join. It's a great idea and it's run by some great folks.

Keep blogging, please!

BVHOAmember said...

Great blog! I was at the LAHOA meeting as well, we're trying to get our HOA to sign up. It's a great idea being started by a great bunch of folks.

Keep blogging, please!